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Shirley Hayes began at Moorcroft Pottery in spring 1992, as a paintress.  Then after a couple of years started creating pottery designs such as “Daisy from Amsterdam”, “Rainbow Tropics” and  “Secret Garden” for the May open weekends.  During the summer of 1999 she created her first range for Moorcroft Pottery, Palmata.  This was quickly followed by Pheasants Eye (Adonis), Venice, & Saadian to name but a few.

Palmata 2000 - 2002


Palmata was my first range for Moorcroft Pottery appearing in the 2000 catalogue and was available until 2002 after which it was replaced by Delonix.

I produced the coaster drawing on the left towards the end of 1999.  this shows the final colour scheme for the design.

The prestige vase on the right was the largest Palmata vase produced


Pheasants Eye 2001 - 2003


Pheasants Eye was originally going to be called Adonis and is a plant that belongs to the buttercup family.

The original design had yellow flowers but they did not have the same impact that red flowers do and so the yellow Adonis became the red Phesants Eye.   


Saadian 2002 - 2003




Named after the Saadian princes of Morocco Saadian was a departure from the norm with its deep turquoise blue colour scheme.

The largest piece in the Saadian collection was an 18" ginger jar.

Simi                                                  habour Bell                                 Venis




Moorcroft Enamels




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